All foreign nationals from non CIS countries (Commonwealth of Independent States) are required to have a visa to travel to the Russian Federation. Russian visas can be obtained at a local Russian Embassy or Consulate. The steps that are needed to get a Russian visa are outlined below:

There are 3 STEPS that you have to do to get and keep a Russian visa in good standing.

1. Order Visa Invitation­ ­
2. Apply for Visa
3. Registration of Visa in Russia
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Order Visa Invitation

The first step to getting a Russian visa is obtaining an invitation (also called visa support). This  document  by an a licensed company authorized by Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (tourist visas) and/or Russian Interior Ministry (Multiple Entry business visas). 

Tourist Invitation and Voucher Order Now! - from € 20 to € 35; 24 hours processing time; (single or double entry, maximum stay 30 days);

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Apply for Visa

The documents a Consulate official will want to see depend on the type of visa you apply for. Visa processing starts only after the consulate has collected all the necessary documents. 
Documents needed for a Tourist Visa
• A valid and signed original passport with at least one blank page, and which is valid for at least 6 months beyond the end of your stay.
• Two copies of the Russian visa application form (questionnaire), completed (all questions need to be answered) and signed. Print out now >>> (взять из
• A passport-size photograph (some consulates ask for two copies, signed on the reverse)
• A Tourist Invitation.
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See List of Russian Embassies and Consulates worldwide
*Travel without a visa

It’s worth keeping in mind
• Some Consulates  require a photocopy of the vital pages of your passport in addition to the original, together with the personal data of the bearer (including amendments, passport validity extension, the bearer’s name change, etc.)  
• A visa application form is different for US citizens Print out now >>> and non-US citizens Print out now >>>
is different for US citizens Print out now >>> and non-US citizens Print out now >>>
• Citizens from either a Shengen State or Israel must send a ’Card of Insurance’ with their visa application.  
• For some types of visas, and for citizens of some countries, Consulates may demand additional documents such as proof of medical insurance, work or residency permit, or proof of sufficient funds for your stay in Russia. Failure to provide the correct details could lead to the refusal of your visa.  
• It is always best to consult your local Russian Consulate to find out whether any additional documentation is required.

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Registration of Visa in Russia

Russian law requires visitors to register their Russian visas within 3 business days of their arrival. Visa registration is necessary for every foreign citizen entering Russian Federation.
The registration can be done:
•    in a hotel or a hostel where you are going to stay 
•    by the owner of the apartment if you are staying in a private apartment with friends or a family
•    by the company issued your visa invitation
When you stay in a hotel or hostel, your Russian visa registration would be done either at no additional charge or at some administration fee (about 5 Euro) when you check in. 
If you are staying in private accommodation you have to make your Russian visa registration yourself – and this is the most hellish procedure! You and the apartment owner have to visit the OVIR office (the Federal Migration Service Department) and spend several hours in the queue. We advise you to call some law firm or our St.Petersburg office and ask to make the Russian visa registration for you – otherwise you will feel the Russian bureaucracy at its worst!  The visa registration service rate is 25 Euro.

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Price, €

Single Entry Invitation


Double Entry Invitation


Visa Registration


SGL Entry + registration


DBL + registration


Apply for your Russian visa support and Russian visa registration in St.Petersburg on-line and save 10 Euro!

Upon arrival, you will be given a migration card (see the image below), which you should fill in carefully (your full name, passport data, purpose of visit, duration of stay, terms and purposes of visit and the prospective place of residence) and the instant you cross the Russian border, the customs’ officials stamp it thus indicating the date and site of your arrival.
Keep your migration card safe until departure – you should hand the migratory forms back at the customs and if your migration card was lost/stolen or simply not stamped you will be prevented from leaving the country until you are fined and all the necessary paperwork is done.
Warning: The rules of the Russian visa registration were changed in January 2007.
In order to register the visa a copy of your passport, visa and migration card together with the special registration form should be taken to the local branch of the migration service. This should be done by the landlord or hotel representative.  
The authorities accept the form and give a tear off coupon that the foreigner should keep until departure. When leaving, the foreigner returns the tear off coupon to the landlord and the landlord passes it to the migration service office. This should be done within 24 hours after departure.
Get Your Russian VISA REGISTRATION without queue and obstacles with us! ­
 It’s worth keeping in mind
• Every foreign citizen including children entering Russian Federation with own passport has to fill in the migration card and register Russian visa.
• Russian visa has to be registered on-site, which means that you are obligated to register your Russian visa in every point of your route where your stay exceeds 3 business days.
• Violation of the Russian visa registration rules leads to the Russian visa withdrawal for up to 5 years and the following fines:
•    for the foreign visitors - 2000-5000 rubles,
•    for Russian hosts - 2000-4000 rubles
•    for authorities - 40000-50000 rubles
•    for inviting companies - 400000 -500000 rubles   

For your convenience, you will be able to pay for your invitation with a credit card (Visa, MC) or by Western Union
To make the prepayment please click the link:
­payment options­­ ­
Payment can be made in Russian roubles only.

Please e-mail us the following information:
- sender name and surname (as was mentioned in the payment form);
- amount sent.
After receiving your payment we will send you the confirmation letter.

Apply for your Russian visa support and Russian visa registration in St.Petersburg on-line and save 10 Euro!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us:
ICQ 420-492-344

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