The St. Petersburg Traveller is a fast growing travel agency based in the centre of St Petersburg, Russia. We offer a full range of services and are able to provide our customers with an end-to-end travel experience, ensuring they will enjoy an excellent journey from the moment they step on board of the plane in their home country to the moment the plane takes off on the way back home.

Our highly professional, English speaking members of staff offer our customers support with visa applications, (guided) tours and excursions, transfers to and from the airport, translation services and any other assistance that might be required. We also have a varied range of accommodations available in the heart of St. Petersburg, designed to appeal to a wide spectrum of visitors:

It is our aim to make St Petersburg more affordable and accessible to international visitors at fair standards: prices, fees, regulations (permits), etc.

With pride we invite you to come and visit St. Petersburg, the capital of Russia, the cradle of the Russian Revolution and one of the most captivating cities in the world! Enjoy a stroll around the Summer Garden or relax during a boat trip along the stunning canals. Admire the graceful splendour of the cathedrals and palaces in the former capital of the Grand Russian Empire, a city built by Tsars. Be inspired by the famous White Nights or the treasures of the Hermitage. Breathe the air filled with music, poetry, history and culture and listen to the fascinating stories of a heroic city that has seen and experienced it all. Magnificent St. Petersburg has everything to offer and will astonish and enchant even the most seasoned travellers.

We at The St. Petersburg Traveller aim to make our city more affordable and accessible to international visitors. We want to make your journey and stay as pleasant as possible by providing a full range of services. We can expertly advise you how to get your visa, where to stay, where to go or how to get here and we gladly offer any other assistance that might be required…

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