The St. Petersburg Traveller offers to provide visa support (an invitation letter and a reservation voucher from an authorised travel agency) needed for a tourist or business visa application at the Russian Consulate. Guaranteed one day, or 30 minutes emergency service, at a standard price of 19 USD per person. 

We provide a comprehensive online source of information about the ins and outs of the Russian visa policy together with its application and registration procedures!  Please read our Russian Visa Guide for more information.
We are the fully licensed and registered travel agency RTC USIT, and are happy to provide all customers with a complete list of Russian visa services (including Russian tourist visas and business visas, as well as Russian visa invitations).
Here you can find the Russian visa application form and all the other documents and information for both the application for, and registration of, your visa.  Follow our easy Step-by-Step Guide when applying for your Russian visa.
At we have an online source of information about Russian visas, with a list of our Russian Visa services, including tourist visa invitation, business visa invitation and registration on your arrival in Russia.

Open the Visa Support Application Form here

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