Julia Shershnyova
General manager assistant
Julia coordinates the work of our office. If there is a problem that an employee can not solve himself he can talk to Julia and the decision will come))
Phones: 8 (812) 314 08 14
Sirotkina Evgeniya
Travel Department Manager
Jane is responsible for excursions, city tours and individual tours, she can also help with accommodation.
Phones: 89052109922
Polina Novoselova
Incoming Department Manager
Polina is responsible for Development and Sales (accommodations and Russian Visas) , but also she can help you with online booking and explain how to receive your Invitation Letter to Russia.
Phones: 8 (905) 22 32 444
Tourist Department Manager
Natalia works with groups of tourists and individuals. She is responsible for excursions, guides/ translators and transportation service.

Phones: +7 812 314 0814
Anna Burova
Head of Tourist Department
Anna is a Head of Tourist Department. She coordinates the work of the Department
Phones: 9 837 711
Alicia Vakhrusheva
Incoming Department Manager
Alicia provide our guests with tourist vouchers and registrations, also she can help you with an accommodation.
Phones: 78 123 136 154
Incoming Department Manager
My name is Olga and I am here to help you with an accommodation and visa support. By the way I am working with our web site, so if any questions occur do not hesitate to ask)
Phones: 7 812 313 6154
Maria Hohlina
Corporate Sales Manager
Maria works with our corporate clients. So, in case you have an idea to organise a conference or you have a group of tourists coming you can contact Maria and discuss all the details.
Phones: 7 812 313 6155
Phones: 7 812 313 6155
Progect Manager
Phones: 7812 313 6155
General Manager
Sergey is our General Manager.
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